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MP ADNC Planning Guide

Developing Number Concepts
Planning Guide

by Kathy Richardson

This planning guide accompanies the three-book series. The planning guide includes year-long plans for teaching kindergarten through third grade as well as notes to the teacher of multi-age classes. This guide is not designed to tell classroom teachers what to teach one day at a time. Rather, it is intended to help the classroom teacher present sets of related activities, each for a period of four to eight weeks. Focusing on a particular concept for several weeks helps children to fully develop their understanding of that concept and to gain competence and facility with the mathematics they are learning. This planning guide is designed to make sure all children are given the time they need to work with particular concepts and to experience these concepts in ways that will help them make connections and see relationships. The underlying structure of the "math-time" routine, as described in this guide, gives teachers a practical, reasonable way to respond to children individually as the children work to make sense of the math they are doing.