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MP DNC Book 2

Developing Number Concepts
Book 2: Addition & Subtraction

by Kathy Richardson

Chapter 1: Interpreting and
Symbolizing Addition and Subtraction

The activities in this chapter introduce the processes of addition and subtraction through story problems that the children act out. Because children need to learn to distinguish between the two processes, both addition and subtraction stories are included from the start in random order.

Chapter 2: Internalizing Number
Combinations to 10

The activities in this chapter offer many opportunities for children to work with the number combinations to ten and to record those combinations with symbols.

Chapter 3: Developing Strategies
for Adding and Subtracting

In this chapter the activities provide opportunities to apply a variety of addition and subtraction strategies. The children will be learning strategies, not through specific activities designed to develop each one but in the context of their actual problem-solving experiences. It is important that the children see the strategies as useful tools, rather than as ways they've been told to work. The independent activities are designed to give children practice adding and subtracting using a variety of strategies. The first set of activities focuses on developing strategies for numbers to ten. When children are able to work with ease with numbers to ten, they should with the activities using numbers to 20.